Fragrant Quote for November 3rd, 2012-The Brookes of Bridlemere, Volume 3 By G. J. Whyte-Melville

Sunset England

He stepped along more briskly, as evening began to close, and the town lights twinkled out more and more numerous through the hazy twilight, yet lingering round some dull crimson streaks on the horizon left by the departed sun. It was a soft, still November evening, such as is never experienced out of England, and shows our English climate and our English scenery to the greatest advantage. Everywhere else in Europe a fine winter's day means a dazzling sun and a piercing cold, that if you only took your wraps off, would finish you in about ten minutes; but in our own little island, which we abuse so heartily amongst ourselves, it means a green and grateful earth; a sky of dappled clouds, serene and motionless, edged here and there with gold; a sleeping fragrance of vitality only waiting for the spring; and a mild, hazy atmosphere, through which trees, and hills, and hedges loom out, grave and ghostly and indistinct.
The Brookes of Bridlemere, Volume 3
 By G. J. Whyte-Melville