Fragrant Quote for November 2nd, 2012-Earlier November Days by Addie Faye Richmond

Canyon in Autumn

 The first November day had come and the mountains and canyons were ablaze with yellow and brilliant reds. The sycamore trees entwined with grape and ivy vines, the wild blackberry running riot, and the mountain ash all lent their colors to nature's scheme. The light fall rains had settled the dust of summer and scented the air with a pungent odor of moist earth and decaying leaves. The silence was broken only by the falling pine cones, the scurry of some timid furry creature, or the peck, peck, peck of the woodpeckers as they busily and untiringly stored away their winter supplies. The sun, a "blood-red orange," dropped to sleep leaving a sky of burnished gold against which the pine trees on the high ridges were silhouetted in bold relief.
From the Cunning of Juan Fernando by  Addie Faye Richmond