Fragrant Quote for November 23rd-2012-The garden of a commuter's wife By Mabel Osgood Wright

Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer
Then we three strolled down toward the long walk to take the first step toward capturing the Garden of Dreams, that I might live my life in it. A song sparrow sang merrily, a bluebird purled away from the Mother Tree, the soft bright air bore the fragrance of Russian violets, and a bit of the tangle was gay with the hardy pompon chrysanthemums, tawny, red, yellow, pink, and white. My heart beat joyously, for love held me by either hand, and before me there was work to be done, and work is life. Still it is the first day of November! Fie upon you, melancholy autumn poets!
The garden of a commuter's wife
 By Mabel Osgood Wright