Fragrant Quote for October 11th, 2012-SUNDAY IN TOWN By Caroline Duer

Autumn's Golden Pathway

SUNDAY IN TOWN By Caroline Duer
The sun is misty yellow and the sky is hazy blue,
And the chime-bells ring out quaintly,
 Near and deeply, fair and faintly,
Each one following its fellow in an echo clear and true.
Through the streets, clean-swept for leisure,
Many feet make haste toward pleasure,
And the sound is as the rustling of the leaves in paths we knew.
How I wish I were a-walking in the Autumn woods with you!
Oh, the fragrance of the hollows that the little brooks ran through!
Oh, the scarlet maples burning
 Like a torch at every turning,
On the way my spirit follows in a dream forever new,
— Where from quiet, distant meadows, Dim beneath the mountain shadows,
 Came the clank of swinging cow-bells down the softest wind that blew.
 Oh, I wish I were a-walking in the Autumn woods with you!
We have had our fill of roving where spring blossoms bound the view.
We have played in young Romances,
Danced the nymph-and-shepherd dances;
Now the Summer of our loving glows and throbs about us too.
In our eye the light yet vernal,
In our hearts the fire eternal,
And when time has touched the branches and our rose-leaf days are few, Oh, it's then I'd still be walking in life's Autumn woods with you.