Fragrance Quote for October 2nd, 2012- October Morning by Mrs. E. J. Eames

October Morning by Mrs. E. J. Eames

A grandly-glorious clear October morning,
The broad red sunrise lights the coming day.
The fine white frost the landscape bright adorning,
On tree, shrub, flower, deliciously it lay;—
How radiates each beam of sunshine over
This breath of Autumn, melting it away
Into great drops of colorod pearl and silver,
Shining and sparkling in morn's subtlest ray!

Up mounts the sun! the gleams of light grow stronger,—
Hid in the grassy opening of the wood
The streaks of hazy gold shoot out the longer
A living glory o'er the solitude:
All densely clothed in alders, elms, and laurels,
Hemlock and willow,—beech and sycamore;
While twisting round old tree roots the ground sorrol
Sheds its wild fragrance all the forest o'er!

The autumn wood is in its fullest glory—
With every tint of intermediate shade,
Bright as some scene in oriental story,
With a rich coat of colors overlaid:
Glossed by the radiance,—as if cut in crimson
Its bright-hued foliage the maple weareth,—
The yellow pine, green oak, and dark fringed cedar
Whose branches with deep dim blue berries teemeth.

The air is rich with the peculiar odors
Of the autumnal forest sending forth
A thousand "sweets compacted," from its borders,
And leafy depths as incense to the earth:
The bank to yon wild forest streamlet sloping—
With sweet wood-blossoms and white thern is drest,
The snowy caps of wild convolvulus looping
With the green woodbine and the fring'd fern's crest!

In the full glance of morn the scene is lighted
With shimmering rays of yellow floating round; 
And crimsoned touches, as by fire ignited
Stream through the leaf-wove branches to the ground. 
On the green slope—along the woodside making
A misty light,—a waving rain of gold— 
In sunny lines through the deep hellows breaking
Or wrapping all in soft and shadowy fold.

Calmly all nature smiles in the still splendor,
The loveliness of this October morn:
And my full heart its tribute too would render
For all the glory on its bright wings borne:
For the pure simple sense of earth's calm beauty—
Which lifts my soul up to its Maker God; 
Still teaching lessons of instructive duty,
Through all things springing from the lowly sod!