Majmua Attar

Monsoon Season

Majmua Attar is composed of a number of attars and ruhs(ruh kewda, ruh khus, mitti attar, etc). It is  greenish brown liquid displaying a sweet  ethereal floral, yet cool  earthy-rooty bouquet with a green herbaceous-mossy undertone. Wonderfully complex and captivating, capturing the beauty of the monsoon season, when the richly aromatic plant life of India springs to life and fills the atmosphere with their intoxicating odors.

Majmua Attar was created to be enjoyed on its own rather than blended with other materials.
No doubt it could find a place in herbaceous bouquets, forest notes, incense blends, sacred perfumes and precious woods accords but my feeling is that it is a aromatic treasure in itself to be enjoyed as such.