Fragrant Quote for October 21st, 2012-Harvest Thanksgiving from Hymns of prayer and praise By Benjamin Gough



 "He reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.' Jer. V. 24.
 GIVE thanks unto the Lord,
Praise His name with one accord;
Joyous anthems now begin,
For the harvest gathered in.
By the safely garnered wheat,
Now with songs of joy we meet.
God has sent the genial rain
On the mountain, o'er the plain;
Balmy breezes, sunny rays,
Starlight nights, and glowing days;
Till at length the smiling earth
Rings with songs of harvest mirth.
On the cottage and the throne
Has the love of harvest shone;
While the scent of ripened corn
Sweetened the autumnal morn;
And the scythe and sickle bright
Flashed across the upland height.
 Stretched for miles, and still renewed,
Shocks of wheat, all harvest-hued,
With the barley on the wold,
Waved, in glittering robes of gold;
While beside the placid stream
Rosy orchards softly gleam.
0 the joys of harvest home!
When the shouting peasants come;
And the heavy-laden wain
Brings the latest sheaves of grain,
Crowned with festive oaken bough,
Victory of the wondrous plough.
Plenty fills her bounteous horn,
Peace, heaven-shielded and heaven-born,
Walks with love, and hand in hand
Swells the mirthful harvest band;
Singing all in sweet accord, O give thanks unto the Lord!