Fragrant Quote for October22nd, 2012-An Autumn Day from Poems of the household ... By Margaret Elizabeth Munson Sangster

An Autumn Day


Like a jewel, golden-rimmed;
 Like a chalice, nectar-brimmed;
Like a strain of music low,
Lost in some sweet long ago;
Like a fairy story old,
By the lips of children told;
Like a rune of ancient bard;
Like a missal glory-starred, —
Comes upon her winsome way
This enchanting Autumn day.

O'er the hills the sunlight sleeps;
Through the vales the shadow creeps;
On the river's stately tides,
Rich the silent splendor glides;
Where the bowery orchards be,
Perfumed breezes wander free;
Where the purple clusters shine
Through the network of the vine,
Fragrant odors fill the air;
Beauty shineth everywhere,
While upon her joyous way
Comes the lovely Autumn day.

 By the road's neglected banks
Rise the sumach's serried ranks;
Ragged hedge of thorn and brier
Sudden flames with living fire;
From the hard unlovely sod
Springs the glancing golden-rod;
Light the level sunbeams sift
Through the violet aster-drift;
All her spears in proud array,
Comes the bannered Autumn day.
 Lifts the forest's lofty line,
Sceptred oak and solemn pine;
Shifting rainbow tints illume
All the depths of fronded gloom;
Through the vista'd aisles unroll
Sweeping robe and trailing stole,
— Where superbly on her way
Comes the royal Autumn day.

Heart of mine, be glad and gay;
Wear thy festival array;
Sing thy song for gathered fruit;
Why shouldst thou alone be mute,
When the winds, from sea to sea,
 Ring in chords of jubilee?
After waiting, after prayer,
After pain and toil and care,
After expectation long
— Lo! the bright fulfilments throng.
Gleam the apples through the leaves
Thickly stand the golden sheaves;
Earth is all in splendor drest;
Queenly fair, she sits at rest,
While the deep delicious day
Dreams its happy life away.