Fragrant Quote for October 6th, 2012-In the Old Time from A song of Autumn and other poems By Henry Meade Bland


Song of the Olden Time

JUST want to hear the whistle
Of the quail that used to climb
 In the hedge-rows of the homestead
In the olden Autumn time.

And I want to taste the bunches
Of the grapes that in their prime
 Climbed the fence and lined the arbor
In the olden Autumn time.

And the honey was ambrosia,
And a touch of the sublime
 Marked the singing of the vine-song
In the olden Autumn time.

 I just want to hear the music
Of the ancient church-bell chime
That came floating in at even
 In the olden Autumn time.

 Like the odor of the blossom
Of the lemon or the lime
Were the kisses of the children
 In the olden Autumn time.

 And I see the distant faces
 In a far-off pantomime,
Gleaming in the evening firelight
 Of the olden Autumn time.

But not sighs or execrations,
Nor the swing of poet's rhyme,
Can bring back those days of glory-
 Olden, golden Autumn time.