Fragrant Quote for October 23rd,2012-Fragrant Harvest Scent from The Touchstone, Volume 6 By Mary Fanton Roberts

Pumpkin Field
CERES, Goddess of the Harvest, trailing her garments of crimson, purple and gold, swept regally through Westchester fields this fall, touching apples, grapes and pumpkins, roses, asters and marigolds until they glowed with unprecedented color. Cerulean blue was the sky and emerald green the lawn when the Westchester Floralia, the festival of fruits and flowers was held in the lovely Station Park at Hartsdale, September twentieth. Brilliant displays of flowers and gorgeous stands of fruits and vegetables, arranged in a blazing circle around the green lawn, proved that Demeter's Daughter was in charge of the Westchester Harvest Festival. Pumpkins outrivaling Cinderella's coach in polished splendor, sheaves of corn of mammoth size, strangely large beans that might have been gathered from Jack's magic bean stalk, scarlet tomatoes fit for a poet's praise, melons that filled the air with fragrance, grapes of regal size and flavor, carrots tenderly flushed as a rose, beets radiant as giant garnets, potatoes without a flaw, held a place of honor with autumn flowers, lovely as though dropped from Ceres' cornucopia of beauty.
The Touchstone, Volume 6
 By Mary Fanton Roberts