Fragrant Quote for October 13th, 2012- Autumn's Transcendent Beauty By Charles Goodrich Whiting

Fall in New England

On Sunday the earth was so rich in its transcendent beauty that it made the heart to ache with joy but to look upon it, but to breath the delicious fragrance of the forest, and those wild, mysterious scents that are borne from the ferns; besides the lingering wealth of the odora goldenrod, the life-everlasting, the traveler's-joy; and the bouquet of wild grapes in the wayside thickets, while ever and anon one inspires deeply to take in the magic of witch hazel. At every turn of the road there is a new wonder. Now one pauses at a large outlook over the low hills to consume in a glance the gorgeous harmony of every forest hue spread over miles of spectacle, as if all the earth were crying in this visible utterance: "Glory to God in the Highest! on earth peace, good-will to men!
All now is solemn and restful in the woods and fields; work is over, repose has come; and yet in this there is nothing that depresses, nothing that bears the emphasis of gloom or melancholy. It is what should be, and so we recognize it, and find in these days of glowing colour and pervading fragrance great store of comfort and consolation. The farewell that is breathed by these ferny scents and last lingering leafage,—the shy and mysterious essence of the witch hazel penetrating through it all with a charm that cannot be defined, but is like a spiritual greeting—this is most sane and ennobling, and leaves the lover of Nature a blessing for the imprisoning period of the snows.