My Wild Rose Garden by May Phillips Tatro

Prairie Rose Credit


Mine is no choice collection rare
Of stately palms and orchids fair,
But just a maze of lovely tangle
O'er-run with fern, wild rose and bramble;
Ay! sweeter far than hot-house gems,
Wild roses on their slender stems!

Their fragrance floating everywhere,
Filling the hazy, summer air
With subtle perfume, faint and sweet,
My wild rose garden, full, complete—
With coloring like a sea-shell tint—
While over all the sunbeams glint
And flirt, and play with petals pink,
And glittering dew-drops rise and sink
Into the hearts of these fair things;
A skylark madly, sweetly sings
His joy that so much beauty glows
Within the life of a wild rose.

May Phillips Tatro