Fragrant Quote for September 25th, 2012-Harmony in Gold by Eden Phillpots

Autumn Beauty

Into the texture of Nature's triumph are also woven man's enduring work and worthiness; and a sunset glow of gratitude may linger over each right human harvest, even as the October sun gilds these huge planes and gratefully warms their perfections of achievement. The hedgerow and the fallow, the orchard and the grey tower set in perfection from the river and steaming valley back to the sky again. The day seemed one of vast elemental throb and movement . Everything lived; everything was great; everything was justified. On such a day a creator resting from his labours might have seen his work that it was good. The scent of the pine and the murmur of dry leaves in the wind came as incense and music proper to the earth's festival; and the cloth of gold, far flung from hill and valley, was seemly raiment for that rite of universal thanksgiving. The world melted away from around me, from beneath me; and dreaming there, my restless soul listened, as it seemed, to one note that echoed upon a harp wrought of precious things—a harp in the hand of some singer unseen.
It may have been the pigeon in the pine, the bay of a distant hound, or the tolling of a bell; some such melodious mundane utterance it surely was; yet, transmuted, it fell upon my ear as an expression above the common music of earth, as a song of deeper meaning than ever reached my heart before. It was the voice of the joy of Nature—a lyric rapture— heard for an instant, then heard no more.
The earth and the face of the river bade me farewell; the mazes of the sky darkened, all boundaries vanished, and this golden harmony, by gradations slow-sinking and solemn, surrendered itself to night.