Fragrant Quote for September 13th, 2012 from The odors of vegetation by Wilson Flagg

Credit for Image of Immortelle/Helichrysum

The odors of vegetation by Wilson Flagg
To the smell of new-mown hay succeeds that of the grain harvest, which is really the fragrance of ripened vegetation; and it marks the difference in the scent of herbs when cut down in the blossom, and when cut down after they have ripened their seeds. The smell of grass is not the same when it is green and after it has become yellow with maturity; the one suggests the idea of summer, the other of autumn and the harvest. The only small herbs, except clover and the grasses, that extend over sufficient surface to communicate their character to the atmosphere, are the penny-royal and the common sweet everlasting. The scent of either of these plants is very manifest on a still warm day in September, over those fields in which they are abundant.