Fragrant Quote for August 31st, 2012-The White hills: their legends, landscape, and poetry By Thomas Starr King

Mountain and Misty Rain Image Credit

And let us see how aspiration is commended by the emphasis of nature. All bounty comes from the sky through heat and light, through wind and rain, and the life of the globe pays back something to the sky. How often we are permitted to see the mountains after a shower, when their wooded hollows are mighty censers pouring upwards very incense,—tithes of the rain that had drenched their leaves and soaked their mosses! It goes up fragrant with the inmost quality of the shrubs and vines, the pine forests, and the soil which the moisture had refreshed. Is not this true worship, the return to heaven of the same grace that was given thence, with the central character of the individual expressed in it —-just as the mountains send back in aromatic thanks the soul of the rain, which came to it tasteless and scentless from the sky.