Fragrant Quote for August 16th, 2012-Notes from nature's garden By Frances Anne Bardswell

In the Secret Garden.

Now is the time for enjoying the soft darkness of summer nights. In July the twilight was too long for us to see the stars except as twinkling shadows. August is the month for star-gazing, and this is how it is people are so much at home in the August heavens, and expect the Great Bear and Little Bear to be for ever as we see them then.

In the darkness of the summer garden how unfamiliar look the flowers we know by heart in daytime. The pinks and scarlets are not seen, only the blossoms that are white. It is as if the Judgment Day were here, when, as we hope, only fair souls will be visible and the rest will not exist. It is not alone the scent of flowers or trees and the late bloom of roses that makes the August night so strangely sweet; it is the mystery of the unseen, which is nearer to us when the ordinary becomes the invisible, just as through the darkness are best seen the stars.

But it is possible to live all through the bounteous summer without ever once entering into her true spirit. To know the summer as she really is, we must watch her busy with the homely sweetness of her daily work, unfolding, expanding, ripening; we must leave the houses made with hands and spend our days— aye, days and nights too—in the open. We must listen to the music of the winds and waves, and "count the daisies upon dappled fields."

Nature never tells her secrets to any but her closest friends; we must cling to her fast as the creeper to the wall Then at rare moments she will give us glimpses of her inner self and the invisible which she expresses, and which lies outside the limit of our space and time.