Fragrant Quote for August 15th, 2012-Notes from nature's garden By Frances Anne Bardswell

Galium odoratum/Sweet Woodruff Image Credit

Among our English wild flowers there are few more simple and unassuming than
sweet-woodruff. It has neither the colour glory of the poppy, nor the rich fragrance of the violet or meadow-sweet, yet somehow it wins its way to every heart. Other flowers are gathered and cast aside, but the woodruff is brought home and treasured.

Such a sympathetic little flower it is! We dry the leaves, and place them in our drawers, or press a whorl of them between the pages of a book; to do this neatly we shall have cut the stem quite close above and below the green circle of eight leaflets, which will leave an almost perfect star. Long afterwards these withered woodruff leaves, by their lingering fragrance of new-mown hay, will bring us back the memories of pleasant hours on sunny days; the sweet faint scent will cling to them as long as the star endures.