New Wholesae Prices on specific essential oils and co2 extracts

Dear Friends-
Kind greetings!
In 2011 and the first half of 2012 we were able to make some larger purchases for a number of essential oils and co2 extracts with the result we can offer them at substantially reduced prices. Flowing are the 1 ounce prices for each. You can see the prices for larger and smaller quantities on the web site:

Essential oils

Birch, sweet/Betula alleghensis(USA) wild harvest-$10
Cinnamon bark(Cinnamom zeylanicum(Sri Lanka) organic-$25
Curry Leaf/Murraya koenigii(India) nonsprayed-$10
Elemi/Canarium luzonicum(Phillipines) wild harvest-$6
Eucalyptus calumuldensis/ Red River Gum/(Nepal) organic-$5
Geranium Bourbon/Pelargonium graveolens(Reunion Islands)-$15
Lawang/Cinamomon cullilawan(Indonesia) organic-$6
Opoponax/Commiphera guidotti(Ethiopia) wild harvest-$10
Sugandh kokila/Cinnamomum glaucescens(Nepal) organic-$6
Turmeric, Mango/Curcuma zedoaria(Nepal) organic-$5

CO2 extracts

Black Cumin CO2 total extract/Nigella sativa(Egypt) organic-$6
Hops CO2 select/Humulus lupus(Germany)conventional-$10
Nutmeg CO2 select/Myristica fragrans(Indonesia)-$10
Tumeric CO2 select/Curcurma longa(India) conventional-$5

Please remember that we have a $100 wholesale minimum and no paperwork like gc/ms, coa, msds accompanies the oils ie. only the essences are sent.