Fragrant Quote for May 27th, 2012 THE FLOWER-LIPPED JUNE by By Eliza A. (Wetherley) Otis

Sunlight on the Stream

THE FLOWER-LIPPED JUNE by By Eliza A. (Wetherley) Otis

The air is sweet, and all the breezes stir
... With perfumed laughter, then rippling run to
Meet the glorious sunshine as it so
Softly falls on leaf and tree and gently-
Opening flower and running stream. How gleam
Its golden arrows in the brook, and how
Lean the swaying grasses down to touch the
Flowing crystal! There a little robin

Comes, its breast aglow with red, and dips its
Beak, then lifts it, while a diamond drop
Still clings to it, as if to lend a sparkle
To its song. Reclining, the beautiful
Hills sweep with a veil of mist upon their
Foreheads, while the blue eye of June looks love
To them, and through her royal lips the light
And odorous breezes breathe Love's softest
Whispers, and the stars shine forth in twinkling
Ecstacy. Ah! flower-lipped June, with
Fragrant lilies on thy snowy lids, and
The warm rose flushes on thy dimpled cheeks;
Thou art for lovers, and thy breath is love
And perfumed benediction.