Fragrant Quote for June 2nd, 2012 from SOUL SWEETNESS

Flower of vitis vinifera Image credit


There is a bloom that oft unnoticed grows,
Well hidden neath the green of its retreat;
It naught of brightest, glowing color knows,
... Yet fragrance hath, mysteriously sweet,
Stealthy, pervasive, with a charm its own.
Of all the sweets of flowers that have shape,
In woodlands, meads, or well-kept gardens blown,
Hast smelled the subtle odor of the grape?

Such fragrance in so plain a blossom lies,
One breathing sweets from it doth wonder much,
As to him comes this knowledge with surprise,
How fragrance rare should hide in blossom such.
The sweetness of the soul may far exceed
The poor, frail body's beauty that shall fly,
Pervading hide the body's every need,
As flitting months and years of life go by.

The garden of Gray Ledge: and other poems
By Charlotte Williams Hazlewood