Fragrance quote for May28th-On the manuscripts of God By Ellen Burns Sherman

Oil painting "Skovinteriör" by Adolph Tidemand

Fragrance quote for May28th-On the manuscripts of God
By Ellen Burns Sherman
Who, again, for any mercenary values would surrender his memories of forests, where hemlock, spruce, pine, balsam, and woodland blossoms mingle their incense to the early morn? Related in its wholesome purity to the fragrance of the morning and the forest is the fresh odorless odor which one brings in on one's clothes an...d person after a long walk on a cold winter day. What white is to the colors, this fragrant freshness is to the more positive perfumes. Windows that have just been washed and linen dried in the wind and sun also acquire this wholesome redolence, a redolence which one might reasonably fancy is psychically duplicated by the aura of a clean soul.

Perhaps the next chromatic variation from the pure, white fragrance of cleanliness is the salt odor exhaled by the sea; for nature has the same delicately graded scale for her perfumes that she uses for the tints of blossoms and the plumage of birds. Between the pianissimo fragrance of spring beauties and the heavy perfume of lilacs and hyacinths, she knows how to distil, from less to more, a thousand delicate variations, each producing a different psychical reaction. To the intimate spiritual recesses which are opened by mignonette, the locust has no key; neither has the spicy nasturtium or poppy any sesame for the holy of holies whose high priestess is the vestal lily of the valley. From odors like those of pine, hemlock, balsam, larch, and spruce, whose dominant effect is tonic wholesomeness, nature passes by imperceptible gradations to perfumes that are heavy, nauseating, obnoxious, and mephitic.