Jasmin sambac Enfleurage Absolute/Columbia, South America

asmin sambac Enfleurage Absolute/Columbia, South America

Today I received a small consignment of their enfleurage absolutes and over the next few days I will be reviewing each in turn

Several years ago a small company in South America began a unique project for the capturing the ethereal essences of exotic flowers using their own version of the ancient enfleurage process. They decided to use organic palm oil as the starting point for absorbing the delicate aromas of the flowers. Each day, the spent flowers are removed after their essence is absorbed into the palm oil and new ones are added until the palm oil becomes fully saturated. After this step is achieved the essence saturated palm oil is washed with organic alcohol to remove just the essence the palm oil contains and the alcohol is carefully distilled off with just the concentrated enfluerage absolute remaining.

The flowers are grown organically(Jasmin sambac, Hyacinth orientalis, Gardenia jasminoides, Lilium auratum, Poliathes tuberosa, Cleredendron fragans) They are harvested by hand and all other steps of the process of extraction are done by hand. It is a delightfully environmentally process from beginning to end and the olfactory results are profoundly beautiful.

It is very important to remember that this very simple method of extracting the essence of the flowers is a passive one as compared to extracting the essence by the modern conventional method of using strong solvents like hexane. In other words the flowers sit in the cool palm oil and slowly release their natural aromatic molecules into that base oil as compared to having the hexane solvent actively penetrate into the cellular structure of the flower and remove not only the volatile constituents but the pigments and waxes as well.

The enfleurage method therefore contains little waxes and pigments and is flowable liquid which is light in color containing a high percentage of concentrated top-note centric volatile/essential oil with mild tenacity whereas the absolute contains alcohol soluble waxes, pigments and volatile oil and tends to be thicker in consistency(viscous liquid to solid waxy or plastic mass) with an odor that is heart-note/base-note centric
with good tenacity.

This means that for the enfleurage absolutes it would be wise to use a mild aroma essential oil with good fixative properties(New Caldeonia sandalwood works nicely for such purposes) Solvent extracted absolutes need little fixation as the alcohol soluble serves this uprose.

Jasmin sambac enfleurage absolute

First and foremost-each of the enfleurage absolutes captures the highest most ethereal top notes of each flower like no other method I have ever encountered. The Jasmin sambac enfleurage is pale yellow slightly liquid with a delightful soft, ethereal floral, fruity, honeyed bouquet with a soft, green, delicate tea undertone .

Obviously the blending possibilities are endless but in my opinion these are such perfect and beautiful essences in themselves that they could be enjoyed as an exquisite perfume in themselves(when dissolved in a natural fixative base oil). It is as close as it comes the smell one gets when strolling through an area where the individual flowers are growing on the living plant-radiating their delicate aromas into the surrounding air.

For those who are accustomed to the more sultry, animalic, indolic notes that solvent extracted Jasmin sambac absolute contains, they should be aware that the enfleurage absolute is uniquely different and captures the delightful ethereal dimensions of the fresh flowers.