Fragrant Quote for April 20th, 2012 -Frijole Arroyo by M. F. Rowantree.

Fragrant Quote for April 20th, 2012
Frijole Arroyo.

There a cloud of sweetbrier's lifting
Faces like the morning's glow.
... There a meadow's white with drifting
Of the satin flowers' snow.

There a fragrant breeze is sleeping
(Never breeze so sweet before !)
Where the purple lupine's sweeping
Sea-like to a cottage door.

And beyond the pink sweetbrier
There's a hillside all aglow,
All a wide, bright flame of fire
Where the Indian brushes grow.

There the fir trees dark and solemn,
Cool and odorous branches spread,
There in column after column,
Like marshaled hosts to battle led,

Stand the redwoods, tall and stately,
They, the mighty ones of earth,
There have grown to heaven greatly
Since the night-time of their birth.

There the red madrono blushes
By the flowing of the creek,
(Just the dusky hue that flushes
In an Indian maiden's cheek.)

There a mountain stream is gliding,
With a hundred twists and turns,
Rushing over boulders, sliding
Through long avenues of ferns.

O the lawn and garden closes,
Never touched by gardener's art!
Dearer are their sweet wild roses
Than all others to my heart.

Dear are all the dips and hollows,
Fir-crowned heights and valleys fair;
Their beauty calls and my heart follows
At its bidding and is there.

M. F. Rowantree.