Fragrant Quote for April 19th, 2012-A South Sea lover- By Alfred St. Johnston

Fragrant Quote for April 19th, 2012-A South Sea lover-
By Alfred St. Johnston

After passing for some little distance through this semi-open space their guide turned aside into a narrow path, where the night lay darker as the thick forest, that covered the island beyond the girdle of palms, seemed to cover everything with a dense black mantle of shade. Here the palms were not so numerous, though ...their ringed columns still rose amongst the noble trees, making the great strength and massiveness of the forest giants more striking by the very lightness and grace of their own growth. It almost seemed to Christian— with his northern coldness of imagination—that Nature was too lavish of her gifts. Everywhere were leaves and flowers and ferns and tendrils; the sky was darkened by them, the ground was covered with them, the very tree-trunks and the great gnarled boughs were wreathed and draped with a wild growth of tangled vines and strange luxuriant creepers. The forest air was perfumed by ten thousand flowers, great bushes of the starlike single gardenia were covered with white blossom, so that every moving breeze that breathed about them enriched still further the perfumed air. Then upon Christian began to fall that mysterious intoxication of the tropic night that one must have felt to understand; warmth was added to his blood and he breathed deeply, his eyes grew tender, and a gentle languor, that did not affect him physically, flowed into his mind. He scarcely thought, he only felt and allowed this beauty to flow into his heart, and in perfect silence he followed the two Polynesians, who were walking ahead talking fast in their soft rich voices, without noting whither they were leading him.