Fragrant Quote for April 15th- 2012-Nature's calendar By Ernest Ingersoll

Fragrant Quote for April 15th-
2012-Nature's calendar
By Ernest Ingersoll

The singing of the birds is now at its climax, too—the crowning grace of this sweetest month of the year. How much of the joyousness of June is due to their melody! How it welcomes the rising of the day upon a blooming and odorous world with glorious matins, and ushers in the evening with vesper hymns! But every hour of this happy season is ringing with bird music, as it is redolent of the perfume of flowers. One hears, first of all, at the earliest gray intimation of dawn, the cheerful summons of the robin. The phcebe is quickest to make response to this reveille, but it is hardly light before all the others are awake and in tune. From the borders of the distant wood come the rollicking whistle of the cardinal and the staccato notes of that other "redbird," the fiery, black-winged tanager, while shrill exclamations from flickers and oven-birds and redstarts strike through the softer, more continuous melody of the thrushes. In the deeper woods, at sunrise, the illumined arches of the trees are vivid with the gay coats and pleasant chatter of warblers, flycatchers, and titmice. The meadows and pasture-lands echo to the jolly roundelay of the song sparrow, the prattling of field sparrows and indigo-birds, while the crazy bobolinks, hovering over grass or grain, are no wilder in their antics than are the yellow-breasted chats that turn somersaults above the roadside thickets. Here and in the orchard are heard, in the brisk morning air, the warbling of the vireos, the clear carols of the two orioles, the brilliant performance of the rosebreasted grosbeak; while close about the house, as we step from the door to take a look at the morning, our ears are pleased with the exquisite voices of wren and yellow-bird, vireo, chebec, blackbird, and half a dozen other intimate friends.