Fragrance Quote for April 6th, 2012-The birds and seasons of New England By Wilson Flagg

Hummingbird Fragrance Quote for April 6th, 2012-The birds and seasons of New England By Wilson Flagg

As June was the month of music and flowers, July is the harvest month of the early fruits; and, though the poet might prefer the former, the present offers the most attractions to the epicure. Strawberries, that gem the meads, and raspberry-bushes that embroider the stonewalls and fences, hang out their ripe, red clusters of berries where the wild-rose and the elder-flower scent the air with their fragrance. The rocks and precipices, so lately crowned with flowers, are festooned with thinibleberries, that spring out in tufts from the mossy crevices half covered with green, umbrageous ferns. There is no spot so barren that it is not covered with something that is beautiful to the sight or grateful to the sense. The little pearly flowers that hung in profusion from the low blueberry-bushes, whose beauty and fragrance we so lately admired, are transformed into azure fruits, that rival the flowers in, elegance. Nature would convert us all into epicures by changing into agreeable fruits those beautiful things we contemplated so lately with a tender sentiment allied to that of love. Summer is surely the season of epicurism, as spring is that of the luxury of sentiment. Nature has now bountifully provided for every sense. The trees that afford a pleasant shade are surrounded with an undergrowth of fruitful shrubs, and the winds that fan the brow are laden with odors gathered from beds of roses, azaleas, and honeysuckles. Goldfinches and humming-birds peep down upon us, as they flit among the branches of the trees, and butterflies settle upon the flowers and charm our eyes with their gorgeous colors. In the pastures the red lilies have appeared, and young children who go out into the fields to gather these simple luxuries, after filling their baskets with fruit, crown their arms with bouquets of lilies, laurels, and honeysuckles, rejoicing over their beauty during the happiest, as it is the most simple and natural, period of their lives.