Fragrance Quote for April 16h, 2012-Rambles By William Allingham

Fragrance Quote for April 16h, 2012-Rambles
By William Allingham

After peeping in through the windows of this thrice famous little Church of Saint Martin, I mounted the hill behind, through a market-garden, and found atop a hawthorn in bloom—my first this year. With what a delicious soothing flowed the well-remembered fragrance over my sense! One has nothing to quarrel with in these lovely joys ...of nature. 'I love this hawthorn-bush,' I exclaimed aloud, 'twenty times more than Canterbury Cathedral, with all its pillars and arches, in every style of Gothic!' and, picking one pearly tuft, went over to the windmill, and stood awhile under its lee; now looking up with awe at one great sail after another swashing down like a Titan's sword, now looking forth on the prospect of green sloping corn-fields, with here and there a grove, and amid a shallow vale the simple city, with its one dominant edifice, three-towered, in the midst.

It was Saturday night, and I walked about the streets by gas-light, presenting them older and more picturesque than garish day; but the Cathedral yard was locked up, which did vex me. I remembered York last year, and that great pile by moonlight, and how I stood on the west steps and climbed with mine eyes into the stars by the ladder of those vast towers.