Geranium, Bourbon essential from the Reunion Islands

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Geranium, Bourbon essential from the Reunion Islands
Almost 15 years ago when White Lotus Aromatics started doing business, it was possible to get the unique and interesting and essential oil from the Reunion Island located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.
Gradually it became difficult to procure that lovely material(perhaps because we were and are a small company-just Suzanne and I) and could not buy in larger quantities which many distillers require
Now once again though we are able to get this superb essential oil and hope that we will be able to regularly stock it in the years to come.(It should arrive by mid-March)

Geranium(Pelargonium graveolens) is a pale green to pale yellow transparent liquid displaying a suave, complex, fresh, sweet, green herbaceous bouquet with a delicate and balanced, fruity, minty, roseaceous undertone.
The herbaceous rosy note lasts deep into the dryout. In my estimation the fruity note intermingled with the above mentioned olfactory qualities is what distinguishes it from Rose Geranium from South Africa(which I also love)

In natural perfumery is used in high class florals(rose, carnation, lily of the valley, apple blossom)herbaceous accords, culinary perfumes, chypre, fougere

Blends beautifully with;
ambrette seed eo, co2 an absolute
amyris eo
aruacaria eo
basil eo, co2 and absolute
beeswax abs
bergamot eo
black currant absolute
bois de rose/rosewood eo
bucchu leaf eo and abs
cananga eo
carrot seed eo, co2 and abs
chamomile eo's and co2 extrats
champaca absolute
citron eo
clove bud eo, co2 and abs
clover, sweet abs
davana eo, co2 and abs
eucalyptus macarthii eo
fir balsam eo and abs
fir, silver eo
frangipani abs
gurjun balsam eo
guiacawood eo
hay absolute
helichrysum eo and abs
hyssop eo
hop eo, co2 and abs
jasmine absolutes
jonquil abs
lemongrass eo
lemonbalm eo
lime eo
litsea cubeba eo
mandarin eo
narcissus abs
orange blossom abs
osmanthus abs
palmarosa eo
patchouli eo, co2 and absolute
pennyroyal eo
peppermint eo, co2 and abs
petitrain mandarin eo
tansy blue eo
tarragon eo and abs
tonka abs
verban, lemon eo and abs
violet absolute
yarrow eo
ylang eo, co2 and abs