Fragrance Quote for February 7th, 2012- By the waters of Sicily By Norma Lorimer

Every day Theocritus's garden becomes more wonderful, but I must refrain, or you will complain that my letter, as usual, is very disconnected. But then, am I not writing about Sicily? and nothing in Sicily is connected, nothing is methodical. It is a land where even Nature is surprised at herself, and the big people have the simplicity of little children. If my letters were to express my everyday life here, they would be a stranger mixture still of sunshine and flowers and antique remains, and the unending study of the beauties and horrors of poverty. The evenings are warm enough for glow-worms now, which shine in the narrow paths where the tall blue lavender and the pink rose-hedges wind like stars dropped down from the sweet southern night to taste the fragrance of the flowers.

By the waters of Sicily
By Norma Lorimer