Fragrance Quote for February 18th, 2012- A Spring Night by Charles Kennett Burrow

A Spring Night by Charles Kennett Burrow

Clear silence floods the valley deeps, the night
Is quick with stars, a breathless dusk wherein
The world seems as a tremulous dew-drop poised
On a white blossom of eternity.
If God should shake the tree! Yet wherefore so
Shed sudden ruin, when death stands and plucks
From all the living orchards of the world?
Not yet shall He upgather all the stars
To glut the golden treasury of Heaven,
Nor leash the winds, nor bid the seasons cease,
Nor loose the seas from bondage of the moon;
But still from barrenness shall beauty spring,
And bloom from dust, and after fevered drouth
Fall laving rains and ministering dews. . . .

Blossom and nightingale, music and bowering bloom
A quiver with the passion of the song;
Moonlight and bloom and nightingale; the vale
Mingles sharp fragrance of the young green earth
To brim the cup of ecstasy. I lean
Forth to the night, and into its great heart
Am folded, folded deep, and understand
The ancient peace that breathed through Paradise.