Fragrant Quote for January 16th, 2012 A February Night in Alsace by Ene Bazin

The next moment he re-entered the shadow of the fir woods, but the mere glimpse, crossing the clearing, of the night as it grew luminous, served to recall the beauty of the world about him, and he felt a thrill of pleasure. The air was (-old and still; a little mist rone from the ravines, but it was not yet laden with the perfume of jonquils and wild strawberries; it bore only that other fragrance which has neither name nor season, the smell of the pines and dead leaves, of springing grass, of old bark cracking above the new skin of the trees, and the breath of that immortal flower, the forest moss. The traveler loved this fragrance and drank in deep draughts of it, and accustomed though he was to this nightly fete of the forest, the gleams of the sky, the odor of the earth, the quiver of its silent life, he cried half to himself: "Well done, winter! Well done, Vosges mountains! They cannot spoil you! He even put his stick under his arm so as to make less noise on the sand and pine needles of the winding path, and looked behind him to say, "Trot softly, Fidele; this is too beautiful!"
A February Night in Alsace by Ene Bazin