Fragrance Quote January 3rd, 2011-Pictures of travel in Sweden: among the Hartz Mountains, and in Switzerland ... By Hans Christian Andersen

The monotonous grinding of the wheels in the sand, the piping of the wind through the branches of the trees, and the postilion's music, blended together into a sleep-bringing lullaby: one passenger after the other nodded his head. Even our nosegays, which were stuck in the pockets of the diligence, imitated the same motion every time the vehicle gave a jolt. I closed my eyes and opened them again, in a half doze, and certainly dreamt. My eye fell in particular on one of the large carnations in the bouquet I had got in Vierlande: all the flowers had a powerful scent, but I thought that mine surpassed all the others, both in scent and color; and, what was most curious, in the centre of the flower there sat a little airy being, not bigger than one of its leaves, and as transparent as glass; it was its genius, for in every flower there "dwells such a little spirit, which lives and dies with it. His wings were of the same color as the leaves of the carnation, but they were so fine that they looked as if the hue were but the red tint that fell from the flower in the moonlight: golden locks, f1ner than the seed-dust, glided down over his shoulders and waved in the wind.
As I looked more closely at the other flowers, I observed that he was not the only one: such a little being rocked in every flower — its wings and airy dress were as a tinge of the flower in which it lived. They each rocked on the light leaf, in fragrance and moonlight; each sang and laughed . but it was as when the wind passes gently over the attuned ^Eolian harp.
There soon came hundreds and hundreds of elves, in quite different habits and forms, through the open window of the diligence; they came from the dark pine-trees and heathblossoms. What a chattering there was, and such rocking and dancing! They often sprang right over my nose, and were not ashamed to perform a circular dance on my brow. These pine-elves looked like real wild men, with lance and spear, and yet they were as airy as the fine mist which, in the morning sun, exhales its fragrance from the bedewed rose. They arranged themselves in different parties, and played whole comedies, which my fellow-travellers imagined they dreamt: every one had his piece.
Pictures of travel in Sweden: among the Hartz Mountains, and in Switzerland ...
By Hans Christian Andersen