Fragrance Quote for January15th, 2012 from Tuscan feasts and Tuscan friends By Dorothy Nevile Lees

As I hastened along the darkening road which, perfectly level, runs from Arezzo up the Happy Valley, between two strips of fertile land shut in on either side by walls of hill, the exquisite outline of the mountains on the right cut sharp and black against the rose and gold and liquid green of the lingering sunset; a few bright stars began to spangle the sky; on the left the moon rolled slowly up above the hills; here and there from the open door of a cottage shone out a dim oil-lamp or the friendly light of a fire; groups of peasants, with their courteous Buona sera, passed, carrying tools or loads of brushwood or fodder, on their way home from the fields. The dew fell like a benediction; a touch of frost sharpened the air; silence, mystery, and peace rested upon the face of the earth; the breeze which arose and stirred the tree-tops was as a sigh of weariness with which Nature settled herself for slumber, and the dark came down as softly as it comes beneath the pressure of the breastfeathers when the mother-bird alights and spreads her wings above the young ones in the nest. It was a fit close to an enchanted hour; a fit ending to another villeggiatura. It is such experiences that I would enshrine through all the years, so that, no matter what the future may give or take, I may keep for ever in my heart a little space filled with peace and fragrance—such fragrance as lingers in quiet rooms scented with pot-pourri, the roses of a dead summer, the tranquil memories of a lovely past.
Tuscan feasts and Tuscan friends
By Dorothy Nevile Lees