Fragrance Quote for January 9th, 2012 from The Sunday at home, Volume 42

There was always the scent of wall-flowers around Abel's cottage. With what incomparable gentleness does memory lift the veil from the hazy mind, and let in little rays of light upon all sorts of dark corners and dusty shelves! At first a faint glimmer like that of stars at night; then slowly, by gently modulated gradations, the full surging tide of recollection. I never smell wallflowers but a gleam of light dawns and glows upon one particular nook, and causes the voices of days long past to arise and murmur low to the heart in a note half-musical, half-sad. The scent of wallflowers is strong and sweet and old-fashioned, like the breath which comes down at summer-tide from the aged wind-swept mountain woods.
The Sunday at home, Volume 42