Fragrance Quote for January 31st, 2012- The Witch of Odors—Wood Smoke BY ELIA W. PEATTIE

The Witch of Odors—Wood Smoke

How can I name the scents that I love?—

Earth around the roots of flowers, A little child's sun-tinctured hair,

The dryad scent of a dawn with showers; The homely odor of baking bread,

Which seems a scent and a symbol, too; Apples with their imprisoned wine,

And raspberries drenched with dew.

I love the scent of a wild, wet rose,

The flower of the grape on a fitful breeze, The smell of frost, and an in-shore sea;

But there is an odor yet better than these, And that is the pungent, delicate tang

Of a magic thing we may all invoke, That speaks of shore and forest and hearth.

The witch of odors—wood smoke.

When the East awakes and wakens me

To summer's green or winter's snows, First comes the greeting to my eyes,

And then the challenge to my nose. I hardly know which I love best—

Slant sunlight through the long-leaved pine, Or the smell of smoke from my neighbor's fires,

The delicious tang from mine.