Fragrance of Mountain Air

Millions of beautiful flowers grow and bloom in out of the way places where human eyes never see them. The poet says that '' they are born to blush unseen and waste their fragrance on the desert air." But I do not agree with the poet. They are not unseen. Their Maker sees them, and I believe He enjoys the beauty He creates. The birds see them, and who knows but that the birds enjoy them, and perhaps their songs of gladness are all the sweeter, as ours should be because of the flowers they see and whose odors they inhale. The sweetness of the flowers is not wasted on the desert air. The bees gather much of it and bring it to us. Honey is the condensed sweetness of myriads of flowers. And if a million flowers that bloom on the mountain side, or on the prairie, add only a little to the fresh fragrance of the mountain air, or the prairie zephyr, as it enters the window of the sick chamber and cools the fevered brow of the invalid, then their sweetness is not wasted.
My mountains
By Roselle Theodore Cross

Fragrance of mountain air was coming and going in balmy currents. Peace and calm and beauty such as night alone may foster folded all the world. The first shy harpings of crickets had begun. A million unseen sprites were filling space with essences that stirred the heart to ecstasies too fine for definition.
Dunny: a mountain romance
By Philip Verrill Mighels

And so little Rudy did too; that is why he so often sat on the shelving roof with the tom-cat and up in the tree-tops, and even up on the high ledges of the rocks where the cat could not follow him.
"Higher up!" said trees and bushes. "Look how we climb, how high we reach, and how we hold fast even to the very narrowest ledges."
Rudy reached the mountain-tops even before the sun touched them, and there he drank his morning draught, the fresh invigorating mountain air—the draught that only the good God knows how to prepare, and of which mankind can only read the recipe, in which is included fresh fragrance from the mountain herbs, and from the mint and thyme of the valley. All that is heavy is absorbed by the lowering clouds, and these being diffused over the pine-tops by the wind, the spirit of the fragrance becomes air, light and ever fresh; this was Rudy's morning draught.
Stories & fairy tales
By Hans Christian Andersen

The mountains closed in on every side, and climbed eager for the rising of the moon. What a place to camp! The singing river, the prone pine, the yellow rocks, the swish of waters laving the naked rocks, the slow wind crooning among the pines, the stream for a wash-dish and the stream for a drinking cup (spots changed, as becometh a Christian, not using the same spot to drink in and to wash in), scant pines pluming the ascending yellow rocks, air a balm of spicery and mountain cleanness, mountain poppies fallen asleep early, clean tired out. Supper is had cooked on the rock, with pine-wood fire, fragrance oozing out and sparkles shooting out. A pine fire amidst mountains on a summer night, and the incense of dead forests mixing with the incense of living forests, and the exhilarance of mountain air while a mountain river sang!
The prairie and the sea
By William Alfred Quayle

They are picturesquely situated in a small canon about one mile east of the Salinas River. Surrounded on all sides are the rolling hills covered with groves of gigantic oaks, towering pines and clustering manzanitas, which shade the many cozy nooks and commanding outlooks on the premises. The hillsides are clad in luxuriant foliage, sweet scented shrubbery and a profusion of flowers of many hues, which are all pleasing to the eye and render the bright, pure and invigorating mountain air redolent with fragrance. As you sit at these yet undeveloped fountains, viewing the charming scenery and breathing the tonic ozonized mountain atmosphere, mixed with the sweet and fragrant aromas of the flora, the mountain stream glides along its silvered path amid fern laden, moss covered banks with here and there a rippling miniature cascade, and as the birds are chirping and singing their happy notes, a feeling of luxurious contentment fills your very soul and you regret you cannot remain forever in this paradise.
Mineral springs and health resorts of California
By Winslow Anderso