Quotes from Songs of the Rockies by Charles Edwin Hewes

Quote from Songs of the Rockies by Charles Edwin Hewes

SPREAD a magnificent wilderness of mountain crags forever lifted unto the bright eyes of the beaming stars; of foaming waters issuing from glistening fields of snow and ice, and gathered and pooled in lakes reflecting peak and spire in skies of melting azure; of streams forever clasped in the arms of the brooding forest and foam-flecked gorge; place mountain meadows sweet and odorous with the scent of lilies, of roses, of orchids rare and delicate; clothe broad alpine slopes with soft green coats of fragrant balsam, pine, fir, and aspen, and populate them with bighorn, deer, elk, bear, beaver, cougar, wolf, and the other quadruped multitudes of the oberland; fill the streams with the play and flash of silvery-finned companies; in the dizzy reaches of the uplifted skies place the American eagle enthroned among the clouds; and in the low recesses of valley, of canon, glade and wood, place wing and voice of the ecstatic lark and thrush and other innumerable and melodious warblers of sylvan song, and with them the diaphanous winged myriads of an insect world of brilliant moth and butterfly, and where the wild bee hoards honeyed treasures supped from blooms of ravishing beauty; then in the heart of this teeming wonderland, piercing the very bosom of the empyrean, stand one great peak—a glorious shaft of gleaming granite—so noble, so vast in its overwhelming beetling solitude of grandeur that the spectacle stills the very heart with infinite awe; then over all, from the great peak's lofty brow down to the depths of the shining stream-paved bed of the deepest canon, dash the golden beams of a Colorado sunrise summoning the mountain world to the shrine of a perfect day—this is Longs Peak in the midst of the Rocky Mountain National Park; this is the crest of the American continent, the heart of the Rocky Mountains; here is the beauty, the inspiration, the romance, of Denver's Great-White-Way—her two hundred miles of peerless mountains—the Snowy Range!