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Beeswax absolute
Beeswax absolute is extracted from the wax of bees, Apies mellifera. The wax is produced all over the world and the exact odor of the absolute depends on the aroma of the pollen of the flowers that go into making up the honey that in turn penetrates into the honeycomb or wax.

In general though it can be said that Beeswax Absolute is a solid waxy mass of pale yellow to dark gold color with a delicate soft, warm, sweet, powdery-waxy odor with a diffusive herbaceous, rich hay-like undertone.

Beeswax absolute is used in perfumes where one wishes to convey the sense of a aroma-laden herb garden or a fragrant wild flower meadow. It is also valued for its role of rounding off the rough edges of a composition. Its aromatic impact in a composition may be small but its warming, softening, harmonizing effect is pronounced.

It blends well with helichrysum eo, flouve eo, hay absolute, honey absolute, jasmin abs, mimosa abs, rose absolute, boronia abs, cassie abs, Aglaia odorata abs, orange blossom abs, ylang eo and abs, rose otto and abs,, chamomile eo, broom abs, , bakul abs, tuberose abs.

Beeswax in Perfumes


Beeswax (Apis Mellifera)

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