Language of Fragrance-compelling to confusing


And with his mind thus harassed, and his nostrils filled with the compelling scent, his eyes dwelt with growing disfavor upon the delicate parcel.

Instantly the air was changed, — was tinged and interpenetrated with hurrying, spicy fumes, with hints of a bitter bark, of jellied gums, of resin, and a compelling odor which should have been sweet, but was only nauseating.

These, however, blow high into the air, and the trailer's owners now are mulling the possibility of installing other fans solely to send the compelling aroma of freshly popped corn wafting out on the midway

Just as the twilight was thickening into blackness, whiffs of peculiar, compelling fragrance came to them.

The air was heavy with the sleep-compelling perfume of the blossoms.


In passing through the hall a most decided and congenial aroma of seaweed was perceived.

Belonging as he does to a water population at home, it is strange that he has not sought the North beach of San Francisco, with its congenial scents.

Then, again, as the seed-bearing properties are developed, these qualities become so changed that the plant at the period when the flower is unfolded, sends forth a most congenial fragrance.

Dirty streets, slovenly kept buildings, and littered-up grounds, have caused many a stranger to quickly transact his necessary business and betake himself to more congenial odors and scenes, ....

The still remaining beautiful fragments of the painted roof were illuminated by the blaze of wax-lights ; and the odour of the mummies had long before been dispelled by the more congenial perfume of savoury viands.


They are fragrances within a fragrance, the building blocks of a complex perfume , and these accords are how experts define the different fragrance families.

The complex scent of a rose has 1215 odor molecules; a carrot has 95.

Suppose you invent an arbitrary scale, ranging from zero to eight, for measuring the intensity or strength of each of these ingredients in a complex smell.

However, this is only the first step in understanding the complex aroma of a food.

Similarly, with the olfactory system, animals are very good at identifying the complex odors that identify individuals of a species.


Sitting at their organs, with shelves full of bottles of essential oils and synthetic preparations ranged around, perfumers will attempt by degrees to build up a composite fragrance which meets the specifications imposed.

...he achieves a cumulative effect, in which all those smells suggested mingle to form a composite aroma in the reader's imagination.

This is a composite odor, made up of the individual odors from all of the workers in the hive, ...

When the fire dies down this warm air cools, slowly to be sure, but enough to let down whiffs of the composite smell, reminiscent of yesterday's breakfast, or last night's dinner.


Sachet is highly concentrated perfume which usually comes in powder form and sometimes in creamy liquid

The diffused odour, as it pervades the entire atmosphere of a hothouse, resembles that of Mignonette ; but the more powerful and concentrated fragrance is of that of the sweet aromatic nature of that of some orchids.

This concentrated aroma, representing 60 times its weight in actual berries, is a commercial dilution-product of another preparation 100 times as strong.

The concentrated odor of thousands of years of their droppings almost suffocated him.


Confusing smell and taste. are carried through the nose by the outgoing breath.

And locating that crop may be made even more difficult by the many confusing scent signals emitted by the diverse plants in your garden.