Language of Fragrance-calming to commanding



It has a lovely, fresh, calming scent.....

she inhaled the calming odor....

Today, lavender is popular as a spirit lifting, nerve- relaxing, calming fragrance.

Hints of citrus give a light top note to this sweet, floral calming perfume.

Homm yenn is a Thai phrase used to describe a cooling and calming aroma.



When employed in very small proportions it gives a most charming perfume effect and the fine character of many modern popular odors of the Oriental type.....
Industrial chemistry: a manual for the student and manufacturer
Allen Rogers

It was a smooth and calming smell, a smell that he liked.
...they stand and drink in the peculiar odor that is brought on the wings of the wind from the field where thousands of daisies lift up their gold and silver crowns to the sky; and they tell you of the charming scent of the pines and the cedars as they pass them by.
Annual report ...
By Vermont. State Board of Agriculture, Vermont State Horticultural Society

Who gave it such a charming smell, which perfumes all the air about it?
The Gospel teacher and Sabbath school contributor-1845

At that time it was a difficult task for even the perfumer with his inherent art to reproduce the charming fragrance of the rose, working as he did with the products of nature herself, for the oil extracted from the fragrant petals does not contain the entire aroma of the flower. Part of the delicate "bouquet" is lost in the crude methods of extraction. It is the art of the perfumer to supply this missing "bouquet," as the nose directs, with other suitable flower and resinous products.
Merck report, Volume 24
edited by Theodore Weicker

Impregnated with this delightful perfume, its emollient qualities and charming odor combine to make it a perfect Toilet Soap, ...


Like lemon-grass oil it is used only in cheap perfumes and soaps.

Cheap violet scents, in fact, cheap scents of any kind, should be avoided ; they are not made from flowers at all, but of skillfully compounded chemicals, and instead of soothing have an irritating effect.

...they also have the cheap smell of scented antibacterial soap, ...

They must, in addition, have a nice smell; nobody wants a cheap fragrance that merely covers the nasty smell of the ingredients...

If your customer insists on having a cheaper odor, tell him you will dilute ... buying the cheap stuff at 25 cents an ounce, or less; tell them that cheap odors are made by even cheaper processes, and from cheaper material than this.....


When you're washing up, you want to feel fresh and clean, so a fresh, clean scent is a natural choice for the bathroom.

They add color and naturally emit a fresh clean fragrance — to a kitchen and dining room.

Saffron should have a distinct, clean aroma;it should never feel soft or spongy or develop a musty smell.

The salt air is charged with the pungent odor of seaweed from the brine-soaked tidelands, the resinous tang of newly cut lumber and of smoke from the burning slabs and sawdust, the clean odor of tar from nets and creosoted pilings, ...

The choking alkaline smell of dust churned up in the arena, and the hot, clean smell of sunlight...



newborns show by their faces that they have very clear odor ...

From the leaves come the clear scent of lemon.

In the resolution, the saint is miraculously healed, and the foul odor replaced by the clear fragrance of sanctity.

The straining is important in giving a beautiful, clear perfume. ...


The chemical products do not serve exclusively for the preparation of strong and coarse perfumes ; they also have their place in fine perfumery.

The oil is distilled on an enormous scale and used for perfuming the cheapest household soaps and in the manufacture of coarse scent...

From this the path would lead gradually through less coarse fragrances to those more pleasant...

It has a coarse aroma and flavour, as grapy as Muscat but without any of the latter's elegance or lightness, and in fact is not related.

Hence their inferiority — the fusil oil of the corn spirit having, in fact, a coarse smell in comparison wuh the bouquet of ceanthic ether.



There was a comfortable fragrance of new-baked bread....

...the comfortable scent of good food well cooked....

comfortable aroma of fresh laundry hanging from the airing rail up near the ceiling.

also the musty but comfortable odor of books, old sofas, and mothballs, reminiscent of the few but precious times my father
n a genial mood, had allowed me to stay in his study while he worked.



In fact, only the most understated preparations are an appropriate foil for the commanding fragrance of white truffles.

The subtle desert aromas of dust and sage were overpowered by the commanding odor of paint.

The maid had cleaned the room and the sheets emitted the faint odor of fresh- laundering, but the vase of fresh cut roses sitting on the marble-topped chest conveyed the commanding scent of the room.