Language of Fragrance-brackish to burning



The faint odour of wild lavender was mingled with the brackish scent of the sea.
Jeanne of the marshes
Edward Phillips Oppenheim

After some twenty miles the road changes its course, and runs northwesterly instead of due north, so that between it and the sea is placed a briny, swampy jungle with an evil brackish smell....
Blackwood's magazine

Their delicious fragrance struggled against the brackish odor of the slime, and when a faint breeze raised the mist, that fragrance and that strange odor reached the nostrils alternately.
The sin of Monsieur Autoine
George Sand



There a briny smell floats to me from the marshes. I am aware by touch and smell of spaces covered with grass, moss, or the fading, rustling leaves of autumn.
The New outlook for the blind
Massachusetts Association for Promoting the Interests of the Adult Blind, American Foundation for the Blind

At times we drove by some old steep-roofed barn, and the odor of milch cows was mingled with the briny scent of dulse and kelp.
The Overland monthly

The cooling splash of the fountainous jets on the hot upper ledges ;
The briny odor, the sibilant, guttural and thunderous-booming tumult,
Compose what a stimulant, revivifying ensemble of sight, smell and sound !
The Conservator
Horace Traubel, Anne Montgomerie



The heater gave the characteristic burning odor of burning dust particles.

And the burning smell is there — and the soot is there, and the oil is there — and he is not there!' — Tony ends this with a groan.
The works of Charles Dickens ...
Charles Dickens.

But as the doors were all alike and very numerous, in his confusion he did not Jake the right one, but entered instead of the gallery, a chamber softly lighted by silver urns of burning aroma.
The wife's sister; or The forbidden marriage
By Catherine Anne Austen Hubback