Language of Fragrance-Aromatic to Attractive


Aroma defined

The leaves of this plant, when broken, send forth a strong aromatic scent ; the roots are much stronger, and have been long used in medicine.

Some of the mints exhale an aromatic perfume from the oil-glands of their leaves, and as mints are usually bitter the smell may warn away those animals which dislike them before they have tasted them.

The herbage exhales a strong, pungent, aromatic smell, approaching to that of mentha pulegium, and very grateful to cats.

Pinks and cloves are possessed of a peculiar aromatic fragrance which makes them favourites, especially the white and true old pinks and the true clove.

During a triumph, or on the approach of a triumphal procession, sweet spices and fragrant flowers were thrown about the streets, and aromatic incense was burnt on the altars of the gods ; thus diffusing their blended perfumes far and wide...


Artificial defined

At the same time it should be remembered that it is an almost general rule that the artificial perfumes have usually a harsher and less delicate odour than the natural ones....

It results in something like the effect of an artificial scent, compared to the whiff you get from the flowers themselves.

We can easily guess the reason, because it is natural to suspect that in some cases an artificial odor conceals a natural one that is unpleasant.

You should also notice the use of oils and flavorings to impart artificial aroma.


Ascend defined

I hold a violet before your nose, you bend over it till your faculties of smell combino with the ascending fragrance (stimuli) of the violet. When this is done, you say, "I smell the violet."

Deliberately I had decided that I would not work, and strolled up through the green, sun-ascending perfumes to the gorse and heather at the top of the pine wood.

In the gallery surrounding the dome, he put his chin over the balustrade, when an ascending fragrance immediately regaled his nose.

While the odor of ascending incense denotes devout sacrifice and prayer penetrating to heaven, the clouds of incense floating round about signify the effects of prayer and sacrifice....


Astonish defined

All heaven had then been concerned in him, had moved round him, and imparted to his slightest actions a peculiar sense, an astonishing perfume, which seemed to cling faintly to his clothes, to his very skin.

They "diffuse a truly astonishing fragrance of which it is almost impossible to form a conception."

Though the flowers of this plant are far from being handsome, yet its astonishing fragrance renders it exceedingly valuable in any collection.


Attractive defined

Here is the pollen : here is the attractive scent : here is the rewarding honey and the " honey-guides," as the fine lines are termed, to lead the insect visitor ; but the insect visitor hardly ever comes...

Flowers are given these attractive perfumes in order that they may attract the bees and other insects in this way.

The Hebrew women were accustomed to carry little bags or bottles of myrrh suspended from their necks and hanging down between tha breasts under the dress, diffusing an attractive fragrance round them.

The leaves are actually so used in Sumatra, but being destitute of any attractive aroma such as is possessed by both tea and coffee, the infusion is not palatable.