Language of Fragrance-admirable to ambrosial


Definition of admiration

In the Spring the Fields are adorn'd with beautiful Flowers of all Colours and forts, and of an admirable Scent, from whence they distil a sine Liquid called Angels Water, which makes a noble Perfume.

Emperor Jehan Ghir, with Nur Jehan AD 1612, a canal in the garden of the palace was filled with rose water, and that the princess, observing a certain scum on the surface, caused it to be collected, and found it of admirable fragrance...

The "Martha Washington" of Bicksecker is an admirable perfume and cannot fail to be highly appreciated by persons of refined taste.


definition of adore

The big, low-ceilinged, oak- beamed farm-house parlour was full of the deep golden sunlight of the late afternoon, the air was heavy with the scent of roses and sweet-peas and mignonette, the adorable fragrance of English country- house ...

Mrs. Camperdown flung open the window and the faint adorable scent of drenched, growing things drifted into the room.

Oh, the adorable smell of wet leaves and earth refreshed!


definition of agree

While burning, the inodorous resin decomposes, and gives off an agreeable scent.

From the interior parts of the country is brought by the Indians a very agreeable Perfume, which is contained in the buds of a small tree.

Lada'num is a gum-resinous substance, of a very agreeable smell, found in the shops in great masses.
Timson was for a brief space invisible, and I was left alone in the room with the odors of this tremendous bow-pot, which filled the whole of the inky, smutty, dingy apartment with an agreeable incense


Definition of aggression

Most of the other women wore gowns of the same type, and he seemed to be enveloped in a sweet, aggressive scent that he found a little overwhelming on the whole.

Certain it is that the white stems have a very greasy, gummy feel and a rank, aggressive odor.

She was drowning in a sea of suburban smiles, suffocated in the wild millinery and aggressive perfume and dyed hair of over-demonstrative creatures, gushing at her with expensive sets of false teeth.

For in this warehouse were kept the well known salt fish, that edible whose only rival in aggressive fragrance is the equally famous Limburger cheese.


Definition of allure

The insidiously alluring perfume of sand verbena rose like altar incense around them.

It was an alluring scent, the sort of odor that roused all his curiosity and seemed to call for prompt investigation.

Over his shoulder Dick could see a long trunk nosing its way gingerly through the broken pane and searching out the source of the alluring smell.

But what is this alluring fragrance upon the air? What sweet perfume is this which so beguiles the senses?

The alluring aroma of coffee permeated the hay-cock.

The only romantic thing about the sea-chest was its alluring odor, and when the last book was out, she had not found so much as a single sprig of coral!
When we are allowed to descend among the stunted trees we may investigate the sources of the music which has been floating up to us like a sweet and alluring incense.


Definition of amaze

So Agnes tended the plants, which must have loved her ; for they filled that cottage with more amazing perfume than the rarest of their kind thought it worth while to give forth in the King's palace.

From the hillside forest we were working our way toward sundown along a spur, following the guide's amazing scent over and under the age-rotted logs and mossy tangles that I markd as the temperate virgin forest.

Arrived at the house I sought, an amazing smell of soap-suds flew at me from the open door, as, with frothy arms, the woman of my search came in answer to my rap.

But when you come to talking or writing about it you scarcely know where to begin or what to say, there passes before your eye an exhibition of such an amazing fragrance and beauty of varying colors.


definition of ambrosia

Whenever the Olympian gods honoured a mortal with their visits, they left behind them an ambrosial odour, an unequivocal token of their divine nature.

Thus, as I have remarked before in the first chapter, the early poets never mention the apparilion of a goddess without speaking of the ambrosial fragrance which she shed around her.

Homer mentions the beard of Jupiter as diffusing odours when he nods ; Milton has transferred the notion to Raphael, whose presence is indicated by the ambrosial scent of his wings ;

It has an amiable and clean look, grows in pastures of fresh springing grass, and has an ambrosial smell — an aroma different from and more pleasant than the strong catsuppy odour of the common mushroom.

Ambrosial essence one bestows in showers, And lavishly whole streams of perfume pours.