Fragrance Quote Decemberr 17th 2011 from Heidi By Johanna Spyri

Heidi By Johanna Spyri

Heidi scampered hither and thither, shouting for joy. Now it was a whole group of red primroses; one place was perfectly blue with lovely gentians; and here and everywhere the tender blossoms of the yellow buttercups nodded and laughed in the sunlight. Carried away with delight by all the beckoning, glistening flowers, the child forgot the goats, and Peter also. Running now forwards, now back again; first on this side, then on that side; for here they were like red, and there like yellow sparkles, and she was tempted ir^ every direction. Gathering great handfuls of flowers, she stuffed them all into her apron; for she must carry them home with her, and place them in the hay in her bedroom, to make it look there as it did on the Alp.

Poor Peter was obliged to keep his eyes about him to-day; and those round eyes, that were not in the habit of moving very quickly, had enough to do. For the goats were like Heidi, they ran about everywhere, while Peter must whistle and shout and swing his rod to bring together all the wanderers.

"Where have you gotten to now, Heidi?" he called out, somewhat angrily. "Here," came back the reply from—. somewhere. Peter could see no one; for Heidi sat on the ground behind a little mound that was covered with the sweetest smelling prune flowers, and the whole air was perfumed. Heidi had never breathed anything so perfectly delicious. She seated herself among the bushes, and drew in the scent in long, full-drawn breathings.