Fragrance Quote December 10th 2011 from By Italian seas By Ernest C. Peixotto

After we had "done" the town, the Leda's captain greets us and proposes a morning drive. A coachman is easily found, a bargain struck, and soon we are rolling along toward the Catene. On the sheltered riviera the vegetation is most luxuriant. Even in these early days of November, heliotrope and tuberoses mingle their heavy perfume with the scent of mignonette and wild jasmine. Orange and lemon trees thrust their ripening fruit over the garden walls of old Venetian palazzi on whose wide balconies oleanders bloom. Pepper-trees and acacias throw feathery shadows on tiny rock-bound ports where fishermen are mending their nets. All along the way we breathe the balm of the rich southern air, the sweet fragrance of the flowers, the stern grandeur of the ever-present mountains whose pearly summits all but lose themselves in the opalescence of the sky.
By Italian seas
By Ernest C. Peixotto