A Day With Memory from The yearbook of American authors

A Day With Memory from The yearbook of American authors

A Day With Memory.

WHO does not enjoy taking a little backward look sometimes? Walk out into the May sunshine, breathe the sweet pure air and smell the fragrance of spicy woods and opening flowers. Is there anything that does not remind you of some long-ago time? The same blue sky once smiled on you when you were just beginning life's happy journey; just entering manhood or womanhood, and the sweet young faces that were grouped about you in a certain bright May-day years ago come back again to greet you now, and to laugh and to talk just as they used to do. And that robin's song; do you remember when the robins sang so blithely in your childhood about the dear old home? It was just such weather as this when you watched them flying back and forth, lighting on a twig here and there, to pour forth a gush of melody. Ah, how it all comes back to-day, and how many changes have occurred since those glad days of youth have vanished. Yonder is a bed of flowers; think a moment, — don't they remind you of the old garden that mother loved? Columbine, phlox, rosemary, lavender," love lies bleeding," clove pinks, and mignonette, — they are all sweet perfumes of the past; little things, you say, but powerful enough to draw you, by their subtle fragrance, " down the dim avenues of time," and into the old haunts of Memory.

But future years may never fling
A treasure from their passing hours,

Like those that come on sleepless wing,
From Memory's golden plain of flowers.