2011 from Alexander Von Humboldt. Views from Nature, and Cosmos., Fragrant Quotation for December 25th

At this period of the year, what charm surpasses that which we feel under the growing shadow of beeches, on the hill-sides crowned with scattered pines; on the broad plains where the breeze murmurs through the trembling foliage of the birches? Who does not inspire with delight the vivifying aroma of a pine forest on a beautiful summer evening, when the sun glows through their dark green branches, as through a gothic window; an odorlike incense arises from their resinous trunks, and the least breath of wind rolls under the dense foliage like the sighing of an organ, or the roar of the stormy sea. The unfading green of the foliage of resinous trees protests against the ideas of destruction and death which arise from the rigors of winter in cold regions, and incessantly reminds the inhabitants of Europe, Siberia, and Canada, that if snow and ice cover the earth like a shroud, qiiite up to the limit of the polar regions, the hidden vegetable life, like the fire of Prometheus, cannot be extinguished on our planet.

Alexander Von Humboldt. Views from Nature, and Cosmos.