Flavours and fragances of plant origin

Flavours and fragances of plant origin-

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Non-wood forest products are extremely heterogenous. They play a vital role in the life and welfare of the people. A large number of items of our everyday use contain a varying proportion of non-wood forest products.

Sustainable utilisation and development of non-wood forest products are highly demanding on scientific knowledge and information relating to their resource distribution and management, chemical and biological properties, uses, supply-demand situation and so on. However, the information base of non-wood forest products is still weak. Sources of existing information are dispersed. There is a lack of an adequate system of compiling and disseminating available information. These exert a negative influence on the development of non-wood forest products.

In order to remedy this deficiency, the FAO Forest Products Division has initiated publication of a new series on non-wood forest products. The present publication on flavours and fragrances of plant origin is the first of the series.

The material for this publication was prepared by John Coppen of the UK-ODA Natural Resources Institute under the advice and general guidance of C. Chandrasekharan, Chief of the FAO Non-Wood Forest Products and Energy Branch.

We hope that this publication will serve as a useful reference for all concerned with non-wood forest products.
Karl-Hermann Schmincke
Forest Products Division