Turmeric (Curcurma longa) essential oil/Indonesia, India

Turmeric (Curcurma longa) essential oil/Indonesia, India

All Hindu brides have their bodies rubbed with yellow turmeric, and the principal religious flower, the marigold, is orange-yellow. Yellow is, however, also lucky as being the colour of Vishnu or the Sun, and a yellow flag is waved above his great temple at Rāmtek on the occasion of the fair.
The Tribes and Castes of the Central
Provinces of India - Volume IV of IV, by R.V. Russell

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Turmeric essential oil is a light yellow to dark yellow essential oil displaying a fresh, spicy-powdery, earthy-rooty odor with a dry woody undertone

In natural perfumery it is used in culinary perfumes, Oriental bases, spice accords, precious woods notes, woody-floral perfumes

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