Mandarin, Green(Citrus reticulata) essential oil/Brazil

Mandarin, Green(Citrus reticulata) essential oil/Brazil

Leaving the ferry-boat, you mount into a carriage or an electric car, and you find yourself speeding along a flat peninsula, through a quadruple avenue of the most magnificent and graceful date and sago palms, on a broad and admirably kept road, edged with loveliest turf and flowerbeds of dazzling hue; and on each side, beyond the palms,an exquisite fringe of tall golden poplars, locust trees and eucalyptus, sheltering a heavenly wilderness of scented mandarin-orange and lemon trees, bananas and bamboos, every imaginable delicious fruit tree, and sweet and brilliant flowering shrub and plant—in short, a veritable Garden of Paradise!
Journal of a tour in the United States, Canada and Mexico
By Lady Winefred Howard of Glossop

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There are three types of Mandarin cold pressed oil-red, green and yellow.
The color designations are based on the ripeness of the fruit with Green Mandarin being cold pressed from immature fruits, Yellow Mandarin from half ripe fruits and Red Mandarin from fully ripe fruits. Each has their own distinct and enchanting odor.

Green mandarin essential cold pressed is a light green oil displaying a delicate, slightly punguent, fruity-citrus aroma with a sweet floral undertone

In natural perfumery used in culinary perfumes, citrus accords, colognes, top note in floral creations, tropical bouquets